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Technology Intervention #2 – “Hello, my name is Paul Smith” at the Design Museum, a little reading, and the Wolf of Wall St.

Forcing myself out from behind the laptop for the second week, I decided to go and check out the Paul Smith exhibition at the Design Museum. It’s not somewhere I’ve been before so I was looking forward to having a look around.

Hopping off the tube at London Bridge, I took a nice stroll along the river. It’s probably about a 15 minute walk along to the museum and you pass underneath Tower Bridge – another place I’ve never visited (and one now on my ‘Friday to do’ list).

Hello, my name is Paul Smith

“Hello, my name is Paul Smith” takes up an entire floor of the museum. You start off in a long room filled with some of the art, pictures, photographs and posters (Sir) Paul has collected throughout his life. Apparently it’s a fraction of his collection, which is really pretty impressive (and a lot to look at).

Paul's pictures

Walking around, you’re taken through some of the spaces that are important to Paul – a copy of his office, his studio, etc. These and the accompanying rooms are filled with memorabilia, products and wonderfully, handwritten notes explaining things. From his childhood in Nottingham and his dreams of being a pro cyclist, to his love of photography, right the way through to his last collection (the whole process being shown in a short film at the end) – it’s all there. He talks of his wife (brilliantly called Pauline) a lot, she obviously had quite an impact on his life and career. But I think mostly I was just struck by the joy he finds in everything.

Every day is a new beginning

He carries a camera with him everywhere and spends a lot of time just travelling and looking around, using this as a source of inspiration (or a starting point) for his work and designs. This really resonated with me, I suppose because it’s pretty much what I’m trying to do by actually forcing myself to, once a week, do something other than the work I usually do. Ideas can come from anywhere, right Paul?!

Ideas can come from anywhere

Clearly a lot of love has gone into the exhibition, the whole journey feels very personal. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it and absolutely recommend it if you’re stuck for a few hours – it’s about £12 to get in and runs until the 9th of March. The Design Museum is pretty great as well. They were doing a little renovation or installing something new on the top floor (I think they’re actually moving to west London later this year), but there’s some fantastic things to look at – classic pieces of design from the last hundred years or so. Definitely worth a look if you get the chance or are heading to “Hello…”.

I strolled back along the river and headed into Borough Market. I’m a big fan of Borough Market – it’s easy to waste time pottering around and sampling the cheeses and sauces, plus there’s always some amazing stuff being cooked. I settled on pulled pork with coleslaw in a soft white bun from Hobb’s, a little hole in the wall place. Pretty good it was as well.

Hobb's Pulled Pork

I followed that with a piece of chocolate (or chocolatey fudge?) with peanuts, nougat and honeycomb that was so rich I thought I was going to implode. I didn’t. Then I just sat down and finished the rather excellent book I was reading (Dave Trott’s ‘Creative Mischief’), which was really rather lovely.

A little later I met a few friends and went to see ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. I’d read both the books a couple of years back and had been looking forward to the film since, well, finishing the books. And I think probably more so last year when I heard the film was actually being made and Scorsese and DiCaprio were attached. I still think ‘Boiler Room‘, a film loosely based on the Jordan Belfort story, is a great flick, so I had high hopes for the actual film of the books.

I don’t want to oversell it, but it’s pretty great. DiCaprio was as fantastic as always, Jonah Hill was excellent and I’ve come away with quite the crush on Margot Robbie (mmmm)… It runs for 3 hours (unless you’re in Dubai, haha) and whilst they’ve obviously had to cut a lot of the books out, it’s pretty close. Definitely worth a watch.

And that concludes another Friday. Roll on the next one!

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